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Hi, I'm Bagel. I was born a double Virgo, middle-named Rose, and then raised in the piney woods of Montana by two gardeners. I now provide a bouquet subscription service in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

Full of love for all things femme and equipped with an artist's eye, I honed my floral design skills at Little City Gardens (San Francisco) and Floriography Flowers (Albuquerque). 

I am inspired by the uplifting and healing properties of flowers, and driven by the importance of cultivating wonder & awe in everyday life.

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In the height of New Mexico's cut flower season, I am able to source the majority, if not all, of my flowers locally. I love getting beautiful, seasonal blooms from local growers such as The Bloomist (Vida Verde Farm) and Sol Harvest Farms. To supplement the available local supply I purchase flowers that are grown in states such as California and Florida. Occasionally, my flowers, purchased from the wholesale flower markets, have been shipped in from Central or South America. 


Whether through flowers, paper, fabric, string, or space, I seek to amplify the voices of the materials I work with, and to elicit feeling in those who experience my work.

To explore concepts of cultural phenomena, intimacy, societal value, and the unrelenting loom of a changing climate, I use my hands to manipulate tangible and elemental materials. I maintain a focus on working methods and materials that are situated within the realm of art and craft traditions; however, my approach is non-traditional, emphasizing discovery and invention over technical savvy. I create palpable, intimate, and evocative forms whose ethereality and vulnerability counter the harsh and weighty queries I am investigating.

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Sinking (also Rising) no. 5 watercolor on Duralar 20" x 20" 2017 photograph by Ariel Appel

Sinking (also Rising) no. 5
watercolor on Duralar
20" x 20"
photograph by Ariel Appel

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