Little Orbit Zine

Little Orbit Zine

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Little Orbit is an astrological guide for reflection and practice made by Meeting Mercury. A new issue is released for every season of the zodiac.

The Virgo, Leo, Taurus, and Aries zines are pictured.
Virgo zine photographed by Em Schrader.

Order Libra or pre-order the Scorpio issue now! The Libra zine is available through October 20th. The zine includes horoscopes, playlist, artwork, and more.

3 month subscription includes Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius issues OR Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Capricorn.

Meeting Mercury is Abigail McNamara (Bagel) & Monique Carr (of Spellbound Tonic Syrups). Contributors to the Libra issue are Diego Villegas, Daylen C, Abigayle Stokes, Melodie D’Amour, and Dillon Cullinan.

Zines will ship in 3-7 days. Scorpio issue ships beginning October 20th.

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