Frequently Asked Questions

Subscription Service

How does a bouquet subscription work?

There are many options for bouquet subscriptions. Subscriptions are delivered on Fridays to your home or workplace.

There are 3 different bouquet sizes:

  • BB Bouquet (paper-wrapped)

  • Babe Bouquet (arranged in a glass vase)

  • Biggie Bouquet (arranged in a glass vase)

And 3 different options for frequency of delivery:

  • Once/month

  • Twice/month

  • Every week

You can purchase a subscription that lasts one month, three months, or six months.

The prices in the Bagel's Florals online store reflect the cost of the entire subscription. You save more per bouquet by purchasing a longer or larger subscription. 

Can I pay per delivery, instead of buying the whole subscription at once?

Yes, you can! I can keep your credit card information on file and charge you per delivery. However, you will be charged the full rate for the bouquet rather than the discounted subscription rate.

  • $30 per BB Bouquet delivery

  • $40 per Babe Bouquet delivery

  • $60 per Biggie Bouquet delivery


When do you deliver?

Subscriptions & one-time bouquet purchases are typically delivered on Mondays and Fridays. Delivery windows are 9am-12pm, 12-3pm, 3-5pm, or 5-8pm. You will have the opportunity to indicate your preferred delivery window upon checkout.

I am a business owner, can you deliver on a Monday instead?

Yes, Monday deliveries can be accommodated for local business owners! I also offer a 10% discount on all subscriptions to local business owners. Please email or call me to discuss your preferred delivery schedule. Thanks!

I'm making a one-time bouquet purchase. Can you deliver on a different day (not a Monday or Friday)?

I may be able to accommodate other delivery days & dates with proper advance notice. Please contact me by call, text, or email to request delivery on a day other than Friday.

Does someone need to be there to accept the delivery?

Yes! Fresh flowers can suffer tremendously from both hot or extreme cold temperatures, or prolonged periods of direct sunlight. Moreover, BB Bouquets are not delivered in water and should be rehydrated as soon as possible.

I am more than happy to deliver to your workplace if you cannot be home to accept the delivery.

If you accept the risks that come with leaving your bouquet on your porch or elsewhere outside, let me know, and I can leave your bouquet outside if that's your preference. If you are ordering a BB Bouquet, please leave a vase or bucket of water if possible. For all bouquets, I recommend setting out a large box or designating a sheltered & shaded area for me to leave your delivery.

Can I pickup my bouquet, instead of having it delivered?

Unfortunately, pickup is not typically available. However, if I have an upcoming pop-up shop where you would like to pick up your order, that can certainly be arranged! Please contact me or note your preference at checkout.

Bagel's Florals Studio & Garden

Where are you located?

I work out of a design studio in my home in the Nob Hill area of Albuquerque. You can also find me doing pop-up shops all over Albuquerque for holidays and special events. Check out my pop-up calendar, follow me on Instagram, or join my newsletter to stay up to date on upcoming events and pop-up shops.

Where do you get your flowers? 

In the height of New Mexico's cut flower season, I am able to source the majority of my flowers locally. I love getting beautiful, seasonal blooms from local growers The Bloomist (Los Ranchos de Albuquerque) and Mini Falls Farm (Chimayó). At this time, the local gardens are just starting to send out spring blooms. To supplement the available local supply  I purchase flowers that are grown by commercial flower growers in states such as California and Florida. Occasionally, my flowers, purchased from wholesaler flower suppliers, have been shipped in from Central or South America. 

Do you grow your own flowers?

I'm working on it! I love to garden and I grow some of the flowers that I use in my arrangements. I have a large sunny plot in my backyard with plenty of room to expand as I am able. I am learning a lot and working toward growing the majority of my blooms myself, but in the meantime, I am fortunate to be able to source from some amazing local flower growers.

Weddings, Events, and Special Orders

Do you do weddings or events?

Yes. Please see the Weddings + Events page for more information, and don’t hesitate to contact me for more information!


I want to order a bouquet, but not a bouquet subscription. How do I do that?

Please visit the Bouquets page to purchase a one-time bouquet delivery.

Do you ship your bouquets?

Not at this time. Please join my newsletter for updates on shipping! If you would like to support from afar, you can purchase Bagel's Florals merchandise in my online store. You can also send flowers to your people in Albuquerque, or follow me on Instagram and keep double-tappin’!